Therapy with Kristin

I'm here to hear your story.



I am a registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #IMF97037

I work under the supervision of 

Gary Henderson LMFT#7053 

and Krysta Dancy-Cabeal LMFT#48506

At The Place Within in Roseville, CA

My Practice



I'm glad you are here. Sometimes the hardest and most courageous step towards positive change is the first. 

You just took it. 



 Whether or not this is your first counseling experience, I appreciate the courage it takes to begin and go through the process of therapy. Knowing this, it is important that together we create and maintain a safe, honest, and trusting, therapeutic relationship. When you walk through my door I hope you feel you enter into a warm, supportive and positive environment, one that securely holds space for you and your healing. 

My Promise


I believe in you, even when... especially when you are finding it difficult to believe in yourself. I promise to bear witness to your story and I feel honored to do so. I promise to connect with you and see you through eyes of compassion, acceptance and devoid of judgment.